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Jehangir Hospital

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Jehangir Hospital


Emergency and Trauma Centre

Jehangir Hospital is a pioneer of modern day emergency care in Pune which guarantees the highest level of skill, expertise, infrastructure and operates one of the best Accident and Emergency Departments in Maharashtra, providing services for all kinds of emergencies, be it Trauma, Non-trauma, Medical and Surgical emergencies, 24 hours a day,7 days a week, 365 days a year. Emergency Room is one of the most critical areas in the hospital. The protocol at our 24X7 Emergency Medicine Department is designed to respond quicker and have proven outcomes that are on par with the very best. The quality of medical services provided in the emergency room is of paramount importance and often have a direct bearing on the morbidity and mortality of a patient. We also have track of several important quality indicators to ensure that the care process is smooth and efficient every time. To name few quality indicators that are monitored are:

  • Door to Initial Assessment time within 10 minutes.
  • Door to ECG time within 10 minutes.
  • Door to CT time within 25 minutes.
  • Door to Needle time(Non –Hemorrhagic Stroke) within 60 minutes
  • Door to Cathlab(Primary Angioplasty) time within 90 minutes…… to name few indicators.

In our Emergency Medicine Department, one can be assured of receiving globally benchmarked medical assistance. Our long years of experience have taught us the value of every second. So, we take care of every second and the minutes will take care of itself is a driven benchmark.

Jehangir Emergency Department is equipped with 12 beds conveniently located in the basement of the hospital with a wide and separate entrance. The fully equipped center is staffed with full- time, emergency medicine graduated, certified, experienced Emergency Physicians, Emergency Paramedics, Nurses, who are specialized in all areas of Emergency Medicine. The Emergency Medicine Department is a Level-1 Emergency Centre with Academics and Research orientation and provides a range of state-of-the art equipment and technology for all kinds of emergency management and support, as well as emergency access to other sub specialties and physicians. The Emergency Medicine Department has a standardized clinical system with implementation of Clinical Pathways, Center of Excellence for core emergency cases, Clinical Codes (First and one of its kind) System such as CODE STROKE, CODE CARDIAC, CODE TRAUMA with dedicated in-house numbers to ease the mechanism and proper outcomes to the patients, Quality Assurance Program, Safety Codes Application system. Apart from the medical services, a touch of humanity, concern for the patient’s family and minimal procedural protocols applied with our motto of “PATIENT FIRST” Concept is imbibed.


Following Research and Development by the core team at Apollo Hospitals, a 1066 ambulance that suits the Indian conditions, which is affordable, fully equipped and capable of initiating emergency care at the site of incident, en route through the journey to the hospital was launched in 2003 and named “HOSPITAL ON WHEELS”, as it is accompanied by fully trained, qualified, certified in Advance Life Support System and Staff to distinguish them from traditional transport ambulances.

Jehangir Emergency Care is a scientifically developed protocol driven emergency system. The system has several unique and innovative features: An easy to remember emergency access number-1066. An easy to reach emergency lifeline number 020-66811066(Landline),8888881066(Mobile). Ambulances that are well equipped, qualified and certified trained personnel-indeed a “HOSPITAL ON WHEELS”. Effective communication system between the hospital emergency facilities and ambulances. Standardized emergency room and management. Highest functional medical protocols in place.


  • 020-66811066(LANDLINE)

These are the numbers to reach Jehangir Emergency Medical System, anytime, anywhere, any emergency, day or night, 24x7 hours. The aim of this service is to provide comprehensive pre hospital and in hospital care. Since its launch in 2003,this services has provided emergency care to over 20,000 emergency calls and saved many lives. What sets this system apart from the other sevices is the level of professionalism and standardization of treatment, which has earned the team a reputation of trustworthiness. Little wonder then that the 1066 EMS has earned a reputation for being the most reliable, responsive and effective service of its kind in the city.

Some of the outstanding performance during emergency:

  • Attended and Handled Emergency in Flight(Premature Labour in IC917), in train(Delivered a healthy baby in Hussain Sagar Express)
  • Attended and Handled Major Disasters(Multiple Casualty Incidents) in and around Pune such as Industrial Accidents(Furnace Blast-24 cases of Burns revived), Wai Temple Stampade( 28 cases attended), Building Collapse(Sagar Plaza accident, Search & Rescue of trapped victims treated)…to name a few Disaster Managements.
  • Attended to a distress caller of history of fall from high rise building and revived,resuscitated with all life saving procedures on site and during transport
  • Highest number of Thrombolysis in Maharashtra in Non-Hemorrhagic Strokes and reversed residual paralysis
  • Been Medical Support and provider to all major events in and around Pune such as RWITC-Races, Indian Soccer League(ISL), Oxfam Trailwalker event, MRF Motor Sport Rally….to name a few.

Consultants List

Dr. Fiyaz Syed Pasha




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  • “Thank you Jehangir Hospital. I can play with my children again.”

    - Shilpa Sarangi, May 2017

  • “Jehangir Hospital is behind my daughter’s speedy recovery.”

    - Maahi Brahmantar, Jul 2017

  • “This is just to say what a fantastic daycare Dr Shona Nag and her team have created at Jehangir Hospital. Everyone was extremely friendly and everything went off so smoothly. The checklist and detailed menus and do\'s and don\'ts answered all our questions before we asked them. Thanks again.”

    - Gauri Shah, Dec 2017

  • “During the last two and a half years, I’ve survived serious illnesses by getting admitted to Jehangir Hospital. In fact, my very life was saved by doctors and the dedicated nursing staff. After having four surgeries, I am indebted to the complete nursing team. Compassion and efficiency were exemplified by most of the nurses. Thank you Col. Nirmala and your stalwart nursing staff.”

    - Mahalatchmee Thomas, Sep 2017

  • “I saw my child only after five days as I was recovering from my delivery. I was very scared by the doctors and nurses at Jehangir Hospital took very good care of my baby. They have been a constant support in the last two weeks.”

    - Ashwini Dhobale, Jan 2018

  • “I was in Jehangir Hospital from 29th Jan to 2nd Feb and my daughter Shai from 12th to 16th Feb. We were well attended to by all the staff and that includes the sisters, brothers and the floor staff. Call bells were immediately responded to at all times and every effort was made to keep us comfortable during our respective stays! Thank you Maya Mahale & Gina Ali Khan for ensuring no let up in the service.”

    - C A (Kit) Heredia, Feb 2018