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Jehangir Hospital

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Jehangir Hospital


Centre Of Intensive Care

The Intensive Care Unit at Jehangir Hospital, Pune is one of the largest providers of exclusive intensive care service in this region, delivering world-class and 24-hour intensive care services.

Intensive Care Unit of Jehangir hospital is recognized by the ISCCM (Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine) for training Intensive Care Specialists; it has a specialized in-house training program for ICU nurses as well. Regular BLS, ALS and Trauma workshops are also conducted for all faculties.

A Rapid Response Team (Code Blue Team) is in place for a timely and appropriate response to cardiac arrests and any other medical emergencies that may occur in or outside the hospital.

The 65 bedded Intensive Care Unit of Jehangir Hospital has a dedicated team of Intensivists along with exclusively trained nursing and paramedical staff, which is guided by a full- time Critical Care Specialist. Intensive care unit is well equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, instruments, monitoring systems and has the following super-specialty units:

  • MICU
  • NICU
  • CICU
  • TICU
  • Pediatric ICU

Medical ICU

Jehangir Hospital specializes in dealing with all kinds of medical emergencies including renal and hepatic emergencies. A highly-trained team at the Medical ICU looks after Respiratory, Renal and Hepatic failures, GI emergencies, cancer emergencies, severe tropical infections e.g. malaria, dengue etc. Other kinds of emergencies e.g. acute poisoning and severe environmental disasters can be treated successfully at the Medical ICU.

Neuro ICU

Considered one of the best in the country, the Neuro Intensive Care Unit has the largest number of stroke patients who undergo treatment using clot bursting therapy (TPA). ICP monitoring, EEG monitoring, Transcranial Doppler imaging and state-of-the-art CT scanning with digital subtraction angiography are normally used in case of severe neurological illnesses. Intensivists interact with dedicated in-house neurologist emergencies including strokes, subarachanoind hemorrhage, Guillain Barre Syndrome and other emergencies.

Cardiac ICU

The cardiac ICU at Jehangir Hospital works closely with the intervention cardiology department to provide advanced treatment options for all kinds of cardiac emergencies inducing acute myocardial infarction, cardiac failure, cardiogenic shock, etc. Thrombolysis, primary angioplasty, non-invasive and invasive heart-lung support, intra-aortic balloon catheterization therapy and temporary pacing are some of the treatment modalities employed at Cardiac ICU.

Trauma ICU

Polytrauma including chest, abdomen and head trauma are routinely treated at JH Trauma ICU. Intensive Care specialists, surgeons, orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons interact to provide state-of-the-art care to critically ill patients.

Pediatric ICU

The Pediatric Intensive Care at Jehangir Hospital is a dedicated section to care for critically ill newborns, children and teenagers. Being one of our most trusted sections among many, the PICU is guided by qualified PICU Consultants and Pediatric Intensivists, having round the clock doctors, nurses, and child life specialists. Together we try to make your child’s hospitalization process as easy as possible.

A dedicated team of Intensivists and exclusively trained nursing and paramedical staff are guided by a full- time Critical Care Specialist with well-equipped patient centred ICU facility, which comprises of: -

  • Dedicated ICU beds with 24 X 7 Intensivist coverage and Nursing Station with Central Monitoring System.
  • Philips Intellivue Series and Multi Channel Monitoring System with all vital health parameters.
  • Central monitoring station, Individual Head End Panels with central oxygen, suction, medical air & networking.
  • 10 state-of-the-art Engstrom care stations and GE Datex Ohmeda Ventilators with advanced ventilation modes for neonates, pediatrics, and adults.
  • State of the art Respironic’s BIPAP Vision non-invasive ventilatory system.
  • Perfusor Space B Braun Syringe Pump for precise drug delivery.

Consultants List

Dr. Kayanoosh Kadapatti

MBBS, MD, DNB, Dip In Intensive Care (ISCCM),


Dr. Aparna G Kulkarni



Dr. Jyoti Shendage



Dr. Jayant Mane



Dr. Ranjit Patil



Dr. Ujjawal Deshmukh

MBBS, MD (Anes)


Dr. Sushil Gandhi



Dr. Akshay Sonone

MBBS, DNB (Medicine), Fellow (Critical Care Med


Dr. S S Deshpande


Dr. Sarita Kulakrni

MBBS, MD (Med)


Dr. Milind V Botre

MBBS, MD (Med)


Dr. Mahesh Kagli

MBBS, MD (Med)


Dr. Kiranjit Singh



Dr. C S Sharma

MBBS, MD (Int.Medicine)


Dr. Govind Kulkarni

MBBS, MD (Med)


Dr. Sheetal Akare

MBBS, MD (Medicine)



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  • “Thank you Jehangir Hospital. I can play with my children again.”

    - Shilpa Sarangi, May 2017

  • “This is just to say what a fantastic daycare Dr Shona Nag and her team have created at Jehangir Hospital. Everyone was extremely friendly and everything went off so smoothly. The checklist and detailed menus and do\'s and don\'ts answered all our questions before we asked them. Thanks again.”

    - Gauri Shah, Dec 2017

  • “During the last two and a half years, I’ve survived serious illnesses by getting admitted to Jehangir Hospital. In fact, my very life was saved by doctors and the dedicated nursing staff. After having four surgeries, I am indebted to the complete nursing team. Compassion and efficiency were exemplified by most of the nurses. Thank you Col. Nirmala and your stalwart nursing staff.”

    - Mahalatchmee Thomas, Sep 2017

  • “I saw my child only after five days as I was recovering from my delivery. I was very scared but the doctors and nurses at Jehangir Hospital took very good care of my baby. They have been a constant support in the last two weeks.”

    - Ashwini Dhobale, Jan 2018

  • “I was in Jehangir Hospital from 29th Jan to 2nd Feb and my daughter Shai from 12th to 16th Feb. We were well attended to by all the staff and that includes the sisters, brothers and the floor staff. Call bells were immediately responded to at all times and every effort was made to keep us comfortable during our respective stays! Thank you Maya Mahale & Gina Ali Khan for ensuring no let up in the service.”

    - C A (Kit) Heredia, Feb 2018

  • “With the Grace of Almighty, I have been blessed with a baby boy on the 9th of August. Thanks to Nina Mansukhani and the sweet staff at Jehangir Hospital for making this very special for me. Nina Ma\'am... your positive attitude gives us courage. Thanks again for all the advice and support.”

    - Sadaf Kachchwa, Aug 2018

  • “A big thank you to a super doctor Nina Mansukhani who helped me complete my family. Only due to your support and motivation I could deliver two twin angels normally. Thank you to your team, Dr Mehak, Dr Kalyani and all the support staff of Jehangir Hospital who helped me with the delivery of my MCDA twins normally.”

    - Priyanka Sharma, Aug 2018

  • “I went through the most fabulous experience of my life and it was made so comfortable because of Dr. Nina Mansukhani. Her vibrancy and assurance kept me going throughout the 9 months. Today, I delivered a baby boy and the last phase of my experience in labor ward will remain a sweet memory due to the gentleness, caring and encouraging attitude of Dr Nina and her team. They boosted my motivation level and led me through a wonderful labor experience. Everything was perfect. Last but not the least, I was absolutely impressed by the manner in which Dr. Pawan and Dr. Pragati expanded my knowledge about the reason behind each and every step that we took which was very inspiring.”

    - Vidhi Kapoor, Aug 2018