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Paralysis reversed

Mrs. Phalke: This lady suffered a brain stroke that left her right side paralysed. Her recovery was made possible by the fact that she was administered a 'TPA' injection within 180 minutes of the first symptoms of paralysis. Under normal circumstances this treatment cannot be started until a thorough evaluation is carried out to rule out contraindications to administering the 'TPA' injection. This is a clot-buster treatment that dissolves the clot in the brain, reversing the paralysis. Had the 1066 team not reacted with alacrity, she would have been left permanently disabled

Jehangir Hospital was the first hospital in Maharashtra to set up this treatment modality as a routine procedure.


Emergency Medical Services Dial -1066

Save the Number 1066 in your Mobile and Landline

1066 is your lifeline to an advanced life support ambulance, day and night. Emergencies can cause panic and result in forgetfulness. Avoid this. Save this number in your mobile and landline phonebook.

1066 - is a telephone number which can be called from any landline or mobile, any time of the day or night, for any emergency. This number has been allotted to the Apollo Hospitals Group across India.

Outstanding performance during emergency

Jehangir Hospital in association with the Apollo Hospitals Group has launched '1066 Emergency Services' in Pune, since April 2, 2003.

The aim of this service is to provide comprehensive pre hospital and in hospital care. We have 4 ambulances with Advanced Life Support (ALS) systems, backed up by other ambulances with basic life support systems.

Since its launch in May 2003, this service has answered over 5,000 emergency calls in Pune and saved countless lives.

Since the ambulances are equipped with Defibfillators, Ventilators and other lifesaving equipment, treatment begins on the spot, within the 'Golden Hour' and this has saved many lives, especially during cardiac emergencies like Heart Attacks.

1066 Team

What sets this system apart from the other services is the level of professionalism and standardisation of treatment, which has earned the team a reputation of trustworthiness.

Each member of the ambulance paramedical staff, including the driver, is specially trained and each one of them has a specific role to play during an emergency.

This service covers any emergency, whether industrial or domestic and can be availed by individuals as well as corporate clients.

Little wonder then that the 1066 EMS has earned a reputation for being the most reliable, responsive and effective service of its kind in the city.

You can help save a life, by calling on this number, during an emergency, pertaining to you, your colleagues or even an absolute stranger, whether at home or at work

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