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Breast development, lumps, swelling or any physical changes in breast are a common health worry for most women. These changes happen throughout your lives, including the changes that occur with menstrual periods, pregnancy and ageing.

Most breast lumps and breast changes are normal but you can never risk your health, and at this time it is better to seek advice from a qualified expert. At Jehangir, we aim to deliver the best and technologically advanced care for breast diseases.

Jehangir Hospital is the only hospital in Pune which has a dedicated Breast Care Centre in Pune, with the latest technology and highly trained and experienced clinical and para-medical personnel.

Breast Care Clinic

The treatment for cancer patients is decided by a multidisciplinary team of experts and utmost care is taken to provide best possible results with minimum morbidity.

The Breast care team is an all women team consisting of senior breast specialist doctors, surgeons, mammography technicians, clinical psychologist, lymphoedema experts, physiotherapists, genetic counselors, lactation specialist. This team is supported by skilled and qualified nurses known to be expert in quality patient care. All these services are supported strongly by advanced technology. Breast care is a super –specialty branch of surgery. Jehangir Breast care Centre provides specialized care for all breast diseases including benign diseases, cosmetic breast problems and malignancies’.

Diagnostic/ Radiology

  • Digital Mamography
  • High resolution sonographey with elastography
  • Sonographey assisted biopsies and aspirations


  • Breast Surgery
  • Breast Oncology
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Pathology
  • Plastic & Reconstruction surgeries
  • Oncoplastic surgeries
  • Cosmetic surgeries ( Breast enhancement, breast reduction, and breast lift procedure)

Breast Care Centre has separate specialty clinics for different breast related problems like

Lactation Clinic

The clinic provides services to pregnant and breast feeding women to discuss about correct breast feeding techniques and to detect any breast problems at the earliest. This helps in promoting breast feeding and preventing any major complications at the later stage.

Lymphoedema Clinic

This clinic is for all breast cancer patients who undergo surgery. The experts in this clinic teach how to take care of their arms after the surgery to prevent excessive swelling (lymphoedema) of the arm. Arm exercises, massaging, correct bandaging techniques etc. are taught to the patients for prevention of treatment of lymphoedema.

Genetic Clinic

It is run by genetic counsellors and doctors to assess the genetic risk of developing cancers for the women to provide advice for prevention and risk reduction of cancers. Genetic testing can also provide guidance about cancer management in patients.

Mastalgia Clinic

Breast pain is a common occurrence in women, usually caused by the hormonal changes. This pain is usually very long standing and troubling and can increase the anxiety of the patients. Pain charts and systematic medication protocols are used to treat this condition.

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