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Sino Facial Pain and its causes

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Cancer Of The Ovaries

Non specific pain around the nose, upper cheeks eyes and forehead is termed as Sino facial pain that can arise from varied reasons thereby having different treatments.

Due to the nature of the pain being non specific the identification of the problem is quite often not found or categorized in general – finding the actual reason can be a sign of huge relief. However, there are growing numbers of people who complain about Sino facial pain, due to the present day lifestyle of many.

But to understand this pain and identify whether you are suffering from a similar kind is to understand what Sinuses are. Well, they are nothing but tiny air pockets that are extended from inside the nose that leads to the bones of the skull and create mucus. Hence when foreign particles enter through nose causing allergies or infection, sinuses start secreting extra mucus, since the infection or allergies cause the nasal membranes to swell up, the sinuses that have secreted mucus gets collected which then causes the pain – Sino Facial pain.

Thus, the affected areas are:

  • Forehead and face
  • Area between the eyes
  • Upper cheeks and teeth or jaw line

Some of the common causes that lead to this condition are:

  • Allergies
  • Deformities in the nose
  • Smoking

A further exaggeration of the pain is caused due to some of the below listed reasons that ENT specialists have categorized:

  • Sinusitis – This is suggested when the patient is diagnoses of sinus infection that causes the nasal passage and sinuses to inflame.
  • Rhinitis – commonly known as nasal congestion that causes the Sino facial pain, it is further seen to aggravate due to allergies and infections.
  • Nasal Polyps Inflammation – "Chronic inflammation or blockage of the nasal passages commonly leads to lesions and tumors referred to as nasal polyps. Though these tumors are usually benign, anyone suspecting that he or she might have this condition should see an ear, nose and throat doctor immediately." – entlondon.co.uk
  • Nasal Cancer – this is a very rare case when malignant tumors develop in the nasal passage, Cancer of the nose causes severe Sino facial pain.

However, remember that these are just some of the causes of pain, Sino facial pain is such that it should not be neglected; complains of any pain in the ear, nose or throat should be consulted with the ENT specialists. The pain can arise due to minor causes like stress, extreme exposure to heat or cold, along with other things that have become a part of our daily lives – like working on your laptop for long hours!

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