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Most common type of cancer in women- cancer of the ovaries

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Cancer Of The Ovaries

The physiology and anatomy, which nature has made is complex to perform one of the wonders of nature to give child birth. It’s a marvel of nature, for a new life to come out from a woman’s body after completing its term in the womb before it can come out. Like any other organs, functional system in the body the reproductive system and organs related to it can get diseases. The mostly deadly disease related to women is cancer related to the ovaries.

Most of the cancers in women which are known as ovarian cancer are of different type but all of which arise from the cells of the ovary. The most common form of cancer related to the ovary is the epithelium, which arises from the lining cells of the ovary. The different type of cancers are epithelial ovarian which are from the cells on the surface of the ovary, fallopian tube and the primary peritoneal cancer which is the lining inside the abdomen which coats many abdominal structures. These are all known as one disease type, although there is also another microscopic appearance type of borderline cancer which does not spread much.

Epithelial ovarian cancer is the most common type of cancer found in women, which includes ovarian, fallopian tube, and primary peritoneal cancers which are all treated as one type, depending on the source of the cell for the disease. The most common type of epithelial cancers is serous, mucinous, clear cell and endometrioid. The cancer of any of the type is caused by changes in DNA, which leads to cancer. It has been lately found out, that most cancers are related to the lining in the fallopian tube, and less from the lining on the surface of the ovary or the peritoneum. It is hard to find the symptoms of any of these cancers when they are in advance stage.

The borderline ovarian tumor account for a small percent of epithelial ovarian cancers, which are commonly present in large masses and surgery, is possible even at advanced stage. Although there are no definite symptoms for cancer related to the ovaries, screening is the best way to diagnose the disease at an early stage. In spite advancement in medical science, there are no good screening methods available; imaging such as X-ray, ultra sound, CT Scan; and blood tests are used which are not accurate and may lead many women to surgery which may not be needed.

The diagnosis of presence of cancer is based on symptoms and physical exam, which is followed by imaging. The signs which are treated as symptoms can be fatigue, early satiety for food, swelling in the abdomen, sudden change in size which causes clothes to not fit, change in bowel habit, swelling in legs, shortness of breath and some other which can vary from woman to woman.

Any of the symptoms related to presence of cancer are vague and subtle. These symptoms are very common also, and cannot be related to cancer in any way. This makes diagnosis all the more difficult, studies reveal that a person who has any symptom of cancer sees up to three doctors before the presence of the disease is finally confirmed. It is more because of persistence from the patient, which leads to definitive diagnosis. Cancers which are borderline can also have similar symptoms. The common sight of this cancer is to be present in large masses in the ovary. The masses are said to cause bloating, constipation and change in bowel movement.

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