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Neurology Care

Neurology in Pune is the branch of medicine which deals with the conditions and diseases related to the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. A neurologist is a physician who is trained to investigate, diagnose and treat neurological disorders, may also be involved in clinical research and trials. Neurology is the non-surgical specialty, whereas the surgical specialty is neurosurgery.

The number of years of college education and training needed to become a full fledged neurologist can be from 7-10 years. This includes 4 1/2 years of bachelor’s degree in medicine, two years of MD in neurology and at least two years of residency. The number of years of college education and training needed is country specific and may also include a year of psychiatry to complete residency in neurology in some countries.

For conditions related to neurological disorders, neurological examinations are carried out the in which the patient’s health history along with current condition is reviewed. The patient undergoes neurological examination, to test for mental status, function of the cranial nerves and other investigations. The examination helps neurologist to find out the problem area in the nervous system and clinical localization. Localization of pathology is the main process through which neurologist performs differential diagnosis. This may further need tests, for confirmation of diagnosis and final course of treatment and appropriate management.

The Brain and Spine care at Jehangir, is a world class 24/7 facility for all ailments related to the “Brain”, which may also affect the Spine. The Brain and Spine Care Centre at the Hospital is equipped with an experienced team of Neurosurgeons and Neurologists, supported by the most comprehensive Neuro- Diagnostic and Imaging facilities making it a leading provider of neurological care. The Centre is part of comprehensive emergency services, catering not only to head and spine injuries but also neurological emergencies, poly-trauma and other medical emergencies. The Centre is equipped with latest neurological diagnostic systems such as EEG, EMG, Video-monitoring, MRI and CT-Scan. The details of the department can be had at http://www.jehangirhospital.com/centres-of-excellence/neurology-and-neurosurgery-pune.

Common symptoms of brain conditions can be Traumatic brain injuries, tremor of hand, faint and sudden unconsciousness, headache, nerve disorders which could be inherited, confusion, and stroke. Spine which is commonly called the backbone is made up of 206 bone discs called vertebrae. The vertebrae supports the spinal cord and for us to have positions of sitting, standing etc. Conditions such as infection, injuries, tumors, spondilitis and scoliosis, bone changes related to age such as spinal stenosis and herniated discs can change structure of the spine and damage vertebrae and surrounding tissue.

Brain Surgical services are Microsurgery, Endoscopic, Skull Base, Brain Trauma, Pre-operative Embolization of Brain Lesions, and more. Spine surgical services are slipped disc in the neck or lower back, Lower back spodylosis with Pressure on the Nerve/Spinal Stenosis and more.

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