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Healing effects of acupressure

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Healing Power

Allopathic medicine, which is mostly mainstream treatment for most diseases, conditions may not work always. In certain conditions, in spite of taking medical treatment, undergoing procedures the results may not be satisfactory. In such situations, the patient may take recourse to some alternate treatment. Some of the alternate medicines are Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Chinese alternate medicine such as Acupuncture in Pune, Acupressure.

The Chinese alternate medicine Acupuncture and acupressure are both related to each other. Acupressure is a technique which in which energy of the body, which flows through meridians, is regulated. The technique applies pressure on certain energy points in the body, which are also related to acupuncture. The technique works in the way, that applying optimal pressure at these points helps with conditions of emotions, tension and physical ailment. The points are commonly known as “pressure points’, “acupoints”, or “acupressure points”.

Acupressure points are manipulated using two types of techniques, pressing and reducing. While the former is known to most, the second technique is not familiar to many. The tool and technique both are important for applying pressure. The best is to use something blunt such as hand, elbow, finger or any device which is about 3 to 4 mm thick. The duration of the pressure applied also makes a difference in the healing effect. To identify the point, pressure should be applied briefly may be half a second but to have the full healing effect it has to be applied for one to two minutes.

It is not necessary, that acupoints used for treatment may be in the same area of the body as the target symptom. In the Chinese alternate medicine of Acupressure, the points are selected to be most effective by stimulating the meridian system of the body. The meridians, or channels as they are also called, which are 12 in number connect specific organs that forms a communication network in the body. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that, if any of the meridians is cut or blocked it causes illness.

The practitioners of Acupressure apply pressure on the channels of energy using fingers, palm, elbow, feet or some other special devices for the purpose. Acupressure may also include stretching, massage or other methods. The goal of the therapy is to restore balance and health by working on the energy channels of the body. Some believers of acupressure also claim, it not only treats the energy field and body and also the mind, spirit and emotions. Some also believe to the extent that, the therapist can transfer vital energy from one person to another.

Though the acupressure, acupuncture points are hundreds in the body, the three most commonly used are Large Intestine - the soft flesh part between the thumb and the forefinger; Liver 3 –the soft flesh present between the big and second toes; Spleen 6 – the tender area of the calf muscle which is three finger widths the inner anklebone. The research and efficacy of the health benefits of acupressure is nascent. Though more well-designed research is needed for the acceptance of the therapy, it has proved to be benefitting for nausea and vomiting related to surgery, spinal anesthesia, chemotherapy, motion sickness, and pregnancy.

Mostly, acupressure is safe and does not have side effects but it is recommended to have a discussion with health care practitioner for conditions such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis or any other chronic condition. Acupressure if it involves deep tissue work should be avoided if the treatment is in the area for cancerous tumor, rheumatoid arthritis, spinal injury or bone disease that can become worse or for varicose veins, pregnancy.

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