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“Arthroscopy” a performing craft

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With advancement in medical science, treatments procedures for all conditions, diseases have advanced considerably. How do consultants, surgeons try to reach the root of any problem? Do they follow a step-by-step process, or it is not needed every time? Not always, experienced consultants, surgeons can many times identify the root cause only with symptoms and some diagnostic tests.

What are the reasons medical experts need to go beyond oral medication? Simply, if oral medication fails to work for any condition medical experts need to do diagnostic investigations to have an internal view of the problem area. This gives a better understanding of presence of external agent, if any organ is dysfunctional or any other reason. On understanding the problem better, if needed experts can recourse to “surgery”.

Surgery in Pune modern times is not always “traditional” which involves incision to open up the area completely. The alternate is “non-invasive” or “minimally invasive” procedure that requires a small incision to perform the procedure. “Arthroscopy” is a procedure used to examine a joint, such as a knee joint, using an instrument called “arthroscope” and treatment performed if needed. Arthroscope is a special illuminating instrument that can diagnose or treat conditions such as torn cartilage, torn ligaments and arthritis.The complete procedure is undertaken using a small hole called “portal” which is usually less than one centimeter in length.

The device “arthroscope” is slender in appearance with diameter less than five millimeters, that has a fibre –optic light source and magnifying lens attached. Sometimes tiny instruments that can cut or shave material within the joint may be inserted if needed. A tiny camera is mounted within the arthroscope that transmits the images of the interior of the joint to a television monitor. This procedure over traditional surgery requires only two incisions, viz; one for the arthroscope and one for surgical instruments to be inserted for knee activity.

What are possible joints that arthroscopy can be used for? Though commonly used for knee joints, arthroscopy can be used for shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip and ankle joints. Some of the conditions that may be diagnosed and treated using arthroscopy are torn cartilage, damaged joint lining, torn ligament, damage to the knee cap, and arthritis. Arthroscopy is a procedure which is performed using local anesthesia, less painful having fewer chances of complications than open surgery. Before the procedure, patients need to discuss range of issues with health care expert such as medical history, allergies etc. for chances of any kind of complications.

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