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Perfect lips with Lip Augmentation

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Perfect Lips

A cosmetic surgery that may be surgical or non-surgical that aims to improve the appearance of the lips by increasing the fullness through enlargement is called lip augmentation.

This procedure came into being in the year 1990 when worldwide application of cosmetic surgery established itself along with the use of biocompatible materials which was being used in other medical procedures was available to surgeons for lip thinning and shaping. Going through years of enhancement, technological and medical advancement since the year 2000; Lip augmentation has been widely researched and used worldwide, today there is a wide array of products and procedures that are being used by surgeons – needles have been improvised to 30 and 31 gauge which is as thin as a dozen human hair, this has been done primarily to reduce the pain and make the process more effective and easy!

Some of the new techniques include:

  1. Fat Transfer – Fat id extracted from places of the body through liposuction or excision and then spread surgically or injected into the lips – this process requires general anesthesia to avoid pain.
  2. Restylane – this is a non animal fat. A clear gel similar to hyaluronic acid that found naturally in human body has been widely used by Plastic Surgeons – the life of this procedure is 6 months or more.
  3. Artecoll – This is used at the edges of the lips to remove lines and wrinkles, however the use of Artecoll land ArteFill is limited as it is a thick agent that shows as white through the thin skin of the lips.

The best is Hyaluronic Acid Fillers and the reason being:

  • Lip Volume Control – The amount of the injectable can be controlled so that surgeons can modulate the amount of lip volume.
  • Treatment pace – The pace of the treatment is gradual until the desired result is achieved, this is obtained over a number of sessions with the cosmetic surgeon.
  • Bumps – any kind of swelling that might occur subsides gradually with lip movement.
  • Bruising – this causes less bruising than the other agents.
  • Lasting results – even though it’s not permanent, this sustains longer than others.
  • Allergic reactions – since the filler is made from naturally found elements in the human body they are less likely to give you an allergic reaction. However if you are allergic to lidocaine, it is advisable that you inform your doctor before hand.

Jehangir Hospital in Pune was established in 1946. Today, 67 years in the service of providing quality healthcare with commitment and distinction, Jehangir Hospital holds a steadfast position of trust and respect in the hearts and minds of the people it serves. It is an institution renowned for its medical excellence, the dedication of its consultants and the care and compassion of its staff.

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