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Transplantation of the Pancreas for insulin dependency

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Transplantation Of Pancreas

The surgery for Organ transplant in Pune; be it for liver, kidney, pancreas or some other visceral organ is major and critical for a patient. Though surgery for organ transplant is only carried if the native organ fails to function, this may cause the body to not function normal and may become life threatening for the patient. The organ which is transplanted either comes from a donor who just died, or partial organ from a living donor.

The transplant of pancreas is not as common as kidney, though it is performed when the pancreas of the person needing transplant fails to produce insulin, and thus has insulin dependent diabetes. Pancreas transplant is performed on a person who has insulin dependent diabetes which can develop in to severe complications. The transplant involves implanting a healthy pancreas from a deceased donor or living donor on a patient keeping the native pancreas in place.

Because pancreas is an organ which is vital for digestion, the native pancreas is left in place to aid the digestion process. If the body rejects the donated pancreas which can lead to life-threatening situation the native pancreas is left in place. Pancreas transplant is usually performed on patients with insulin dependent diabetes which can cause complications. Patients with advanced stage pancreatic cancer usually do not undergo pancreas transplant, which has high rate of mortality and is usually detected quite late which may return back.

Pancreas Transplant usually is of four types which are; Transplant of the Pancreas alone for patient of Type 1 diabetes alone and have adequate kidney function; Simultaneous Pancreas and kidney transplant (SPK) when kidney and pancreas are transplanted together from the same deceased donor; Pancreas after kidney transplant (PAK) when a pancreas from a deceased donor is performed after kidney transplant from a living or deceased donor; Simultaneous deceased pancreas donor and living kidney transplant is performed which has good chances of not having delayed graft function, and less waiting times which has improved outcomes.

Majority of the pancreas transplant are performed on individuals who have Type 1 diabetes or end stage renal disease. Most of the pancreas transplants performed is simultaneous kidney-pancreas or sometimes pancreas-kidney transplant. Before a transplant, the donor’s blood is replaced with an ice-cold organ storage solution such as UW or HTK until the time the allograft pancreatic tissue is implanted. Transplant of the pancreas can lead to complications such as thrombosis, pancreatitis, infection, bleeding and rejection.

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