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Treate The Heart

As the name suggests a coronary artery bypass surgery is related to artery malfunction. There are times when the coronary artery that supplies oxygen and blood to the heart muscle harden or become narrow and this leads to the need a change in living habits or angioplasty or in worst cases, a bypass surgery. The treatment really depends on the nature of blockage in the artery and the severity of the same.

The surgery helps in creation of a new path for blood to flow to the heart. This involves taking a healthy part of the artery from the leg, wrist or chest and then attaching it to the coronary artery around the blockage. This enables the blood to bypass the blockage without hampering or slowing down the blood flow. While this is a very critical and extremely meticulous surgery, the result of such a surgery is usually positive.

As you can see, artery blockage is a lifestyle related problem. People, who have unhealthy eating habits, suffer from high cholesterol or excessive drinking and smoking are typically heart patients with blockages. There are people who have lived a symptom free and a healthy life after a bypass surgery. Post the surgery, patients are advised to lead a healthy lifestyle to avoid any such clogging of the arteries. However, blockages could reoccur and another bypass surgery might be required in some cases.

This surgery is also known as coronary artery bypass graft or more popularly known as bypass surgery. In India, bypass surgery has become a common word. This is largely due to the increased number of people suffering from artery blockages. While there are a plethora of hospitals offering heart care services. The key differentiating factor lies in the experience of the cardiac team and the facilities offered by the hospital.

All heart related treatments need to be conducted by experts who have experience in dealing with simplest to the most complex cases. We at Jehangir Hospital are adept at dealing with all cardiac cases and have the most technologically superior equipment and facilities to take the best care of our patients. We have a step by step process which starts from a series of tests that lead us to a correct diagnosis. This is coupled with studying the lifestyle pattern of the patient and then recommendation of a suitable treatment. Our endeavor does not stop at the cure of a disease; it is about empowering our patients to lead a hale and hearty life.

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