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Changing Trend in Spine Problems

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Spine Problems

Dr. Rahul D. Chaudhari
Consultant: Spine & Scoliosis Surgery
Jehangir Hospital, Pune.

In the past we used to see the back pain patients usually in their 40s or 50s. However now days we started seeing patients in their 20s and 30s. Why this is happening? What could be the reason behind the sudden increase in spine problems in younger population?

The young patient with typical history of back pain or neck pain associated with the constant discomfort. Few patients may get tingling or numbness in arm or leg.

Here I would like to take the opportunity to discuss about possible symptoms and their probable reasons behind it. Most common reason for Back pain & neck pain Management in Pune is paraspinal muscle spasm. Usually undue exertion may cause back muscle fatigue leading to muscle spasm and pain. However if this undue exertion started happening on daily basis then it may cause muscle insufficiency with increasing load on the spine. Prolong sitting job and long travels for the work are the major factors contributing to the spine problem. Spine problem usually starts with the disc degeneration. Disc is a shock absorber structure of the back bone and it is present at each level between two vertebral bodies. Disc degeneration means disc tend to lose its water content and become more like a spacer rather than shock absorber. Next stage is disc prolapse which may result into neurological symptoms due to pressure on the nerves of the spine. Cervical disc prolpase tend to cause pain or tingling in arms and lumbar disc prolapsed tend to cause similar problem in the legs. This is alarming stage as neurogenic pain is intolerable. Another important aspect is insufficiency of vitamin D due to lack of sun exposure which invariably leads to weak bone and vague body ache.

Coming to the remedies we need a dual approach. First is to modify the risk factors and second is getting towards healthier life style. Risk factors which needs to be modified such as avoiding long travels on two wheelers, taking hourly micro breaks at the work place, in between stretching of the body muscles during the work and avoid working in awkward positions on laptops. Healthier life style involves regular stretching and exercise, swimming, having morning sun exposure for 10-15 min

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